Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Time!

Oh my, it is already spring here in Wisconsin! I have not had an easy time walking lately however, the first pretty day I walked way too far and ended up with a swollen ankle leaving me limping. Once my ankle got better I walked in old shoes and ended up with a blister on my heel. That is behind me, we walked with out pain or blood last night and I already feel better.

In other news, my hours have been slashed at work. I am pulling in 20 hours a week and it is affecting my mood. Its not that I don’t enjoy the fact that I can get the house clean and make dinner each night (mostly) but rather that it makes me feel less valuable. I also think that only working four hours a day makes me feel like a failure.

And the most important thing, this little blog is 2 years old! I feel like it helps me keep focused and gives me forced accountability. I have not been a good blogger this past few months but I will try to be better!!!

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