Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fantasy Prone Gamer

I am a fantasy prone person; I daydream at the drop of a hat. I am eating trail mix and my mind runs to rationing it in an emergency or rather or not you could grind up the nuts to make a paste. I think of where I could hide or run if I saw zombies coming or which one of my friends would ACTUALLY survive an apocalypse.

This isn’t new, when I was a kid and I got bored in class I would imagine a life where I was 3 inches tall and lived in the school’s walls. Being a cruel person I would oft dream in high school about laughing at the teens who thought they would be raptured but would not.

It comes in handy when I game, I can easily fill out the life my character has out side of the snapshot we role play. I know my vampire talks to all the teens and families in her shelter, she knows their names and why they are here. She wanders the streets talking to people and screaming about sin. She has no fear that she will be in danger from the people on the streets. Her employees gently remind her that she has more than one outfit and they took it upon themselves to get her cat fixed. This all took place away from they eyes of my group and my story teller.

Now you might be wondering why I am sitting here flashing my “fantasy prone” personality disorder all of the interwebs. It is because right now I am trying to use it to keep me dedicated to changing my unhealthy behavior. I need to carefully craft an image of my future self in my head and then I can put her in reality. I know it sounds bizarre but I have such a hard time seeing what I look like right now that I can’t even imagine what I would look like at my goal weight. I am neither an artist nor a photo shop expert so I have to do this in my mind.

What do I want to look like?

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