Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geek Chic

Wow, who knew that my hobbies would become popular? Well they have always had a following but now they are almost fashionable. They are so fashionable that we are constantly talking about what makes a true geek. In my group of friends we know we are geeks, we have felt the cruel finger of the world point at us and laugh. We can all remember back to a time when reading The Lord of the Rings got us stared at. It is a strange thing to be ourselves and suddenly she ourselves in the media reflected back at us.

A lot of the chatter on the interwebbys has been directed at “faux geeks”, people who feel like it is important for them to show how much of a geek they are even if they just started to get into a hobby. People seem to be angry at this influx of people who may have started getting into something like Star Trek with the new movie but then dove head first into all the shows. They see the show Walking Dead then read the graphic novels and we scoff at them? Let’s be honest geeklings, we did not stumble out of the womb quoting Star Wars, our parents let us watch it. These people should completely be allowed to fall in love with a franchise on their own.

I also think we should take the word back because there are so many out there who are into one thing and suddenly they are geeks. You are not a geek if you watch only Dr. Who, you are awesome but not a geek. I think the years of being avoided and pushed around give us the right to put stipulations on the word. Another example is if your deepest knowledge of Vampire mythos comes from Twilight, you are not a geek.

There is nothing wrong about being a fan of something. You should own that thing you are super into, there is no need to call yourself a geek. It is like we live in a world where you can’t just like something but you have to sink deep into a sub culture. It is bizarre to me. I do define myself as a geek, for my own reasons, but that is only part of what I am.

What makes you a geek?

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