Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Ramblin’

So a few weeks ago I posted that spring was here. Well Wisconsin decided that it forgot what season it was going to be. One day it was 37 the next 60, I have turned my heat on and off almost every other day. Actually one day I came home from work turned the heat on and by 9:00 pm (yes at night) it was so warm outside we opened the windows because it was more effective than my heater. Ugh!

Not to be discouraged, Sunday Patti and I took all of our measurements! I am smaller than I was last time I was measured but not huge amounts. We are not proud but not ashamed, we are just ready to accept and work hard. We have created the little books and I am working on making a cover full of the stuff that inspires me. We have to allow ourselves to take care of ourselves. We are working on realizing that we deserve this.

I have also wore make up and taken time with my appearance every day since Friday. That is a lot of make up for me. It does make me feel better about myself, oddly. Its not that I feel “pretty” but I feel like I care about myself. Next on that front is keeping my nails looking nice.

On the geeky side of life, I have been tagging my blog posts to make them more searchable and easier to find. We also have been playing so many games that my head is spinning. In our Hollow Earth Game on Friday nights we have fought Nazis, seen a T-Rex eat said Nazis, seen ape men and nearly been sold to cannibals (we may have killed our captors). We have just started a Shadow Run game, it should be a blast and we have just started a Dead Lands game. There have been several board, card, and other casual games as well.

I am working full time again so there is that wonderful feeling of doing something all day. I thought I wanted to work part time but it just left me feeling kinda depressed. I would get home and sit around, clean and want to nap. Oddly enough I do not want a nap right now and under normal shortened days and I would be asleepy right now. I am not but I am wishing for a caffeine fix.

I did tweet my new hair do! I will proceed to update my profile pics accordingly.

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