Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hate Filled People

We are hateful hate filled people right now in Wisconsin.  Regardless of who won this past election, it just proves that the state is legitimately divided.  Just because one side won does not mean that the other side lost or is marginalized.  The whole idea of recalls seemed to be just as divisive as the candidates themselves.  This morning as the state woke up we realized that nothing happened.  Nothing changed and it seems that people hate others more than ever.
I don’t know about anyone else but I was worn out by this tension months ago,  I don’t want to be mad at people because they say things I disagree with and I don’t want to become a person who thinks that if you disagree with me you are an idiot, you can be an idiot and agree with me.  When some one says something that in my core I feel is wrong, I want my first instinct to be “Hmmmm” not “Ugh” but I think politics is ruining me.  

I am a passionate person but I have always felt that I did not take myself too seriously.  I never have thought of myself as one who was unwilling to work for a common goal on common ground but I feel that is lost.  Last night I saw no common ground, even among friends.  In speeches last night I never heard any words of healing but more gloating.  When did compromising and sharing become bad things, this whole thing could have been solved if people on the left took a step right and people on the right took a step left.  Is anything so important it deserves to divide families and friends?

It upsets me that instead of people conceding that this whole thing might have been ill advised or that Walker could have avoided it entirely had he been more willing to bend but rather you come to my desk with a smile saying it’s a beautiful day in Wisconsin, justice prevailed.  First elections are not about justice but rather about voices of the people being heard and had anyone bothered to listen last night they would have heard the division not unison. 

Back to the title though, we have become a hate filled state in some ways.  Why is there gloating?  Are we electing 5 year olds?  Why are people whining that there was some sort of fraud?  Nothing happened last night that should evoke hate, Hitler was not elected.  Nothing that happened should make jokes suddenly sinister disrespect.  The only thing that we learned last night is that this state is almost divided in half and both halves have let go of any dream of working together. 

In some ways I feel betrayed by the whole thing because it actually did not accomplish anything I think most of the State would actually be happier if last night had not happened but rather we learn how to communicate to reach common ground.  What was supposed to be decisive and telling actually just muddied the water to the point where we might mistake it for tar and get stuck in it for a long time.  The funny thing about tar is the more you struggle the more you lose of yourself.

I fear that the worst is yet to come.  Maybe I am naive to think that we can get along at all.  I sit here wondering if I have it in me to keep caring about politics at all, maybe I should give up until we all grow up and realize that the world is not black and white but grey.  We are really yin-yang people, there is always a little bit of the opposite in us.  We as a whole would do well to remember that little factoid that as black or white as you think you are there is always a bit of the other side in you.

Maybe we should learn to get along or maybe I should just shut up and stop caring...hmmmm

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  1. Excellent post. As a fellow Wisconsite, I couldn't agree with you more! It breaks my heart to see what this state has turned into, and the intense hatred among many on both sides of the aisle.