Monday, October 22, 2012

Whoa! What a Whirlwind!

So I know I have been gone for a while but despite all the warnings you never really know how much work going back to school can take.  I am working full time, taking 3 classes and all the rest of my life has not slowed down.  I am making good grades and if everything goes according to plan, I will be able to graduate with my AAS after the spring semester.  Then it will be on to get my BS. 

Where I have fallen down is on my eating and exercise.  It has both gone to crap, well my eating is just keeping me from gaining.  I miss exercise, now it is not even the lack of motivation I was facing before, now I just don’t have the time.  It is so hard to say, you know that 40 pages I need to read can wait.  I have been stopping my reading/home work every 30 mins to stretch and do simple body weight exercises.  My body is craving cardio like I can not explain.  I know I matter so I am trying to work into a pattern that gives me 45 mins of cardio like I used to do.

This is the most I can post right now…lol…I swear I will be back soon!  I love you guys.


  1. I went back to school a few yeas ago and I find it amazing how people can work full-time and go to school too. I wasn't working and taking four classes per semester and it took up a big part of my time. My hat is off to you for what you are doing,