Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

School is done!  I am the proud owner of 2 As and a B!  I am just now feeling the strain of so much stress leaving my body and the semester has been over for a week.  I have to give major props to my love because he has been the rock who has done nothing but support my every move.  He has made sure I had the time and space to do my homework and has made this feel so effortlessly added to my life.  He is the perfect boyfriend.  Every time I started to get stressed he calmed me down and stepped up to help me out.  I am neurotic and he has kept me from feeling too crazy or completely out of control.

In the same vein, my friends and GMs have been so accommodating.  They all have been so nice about letting me miss sessions or miss casual gaming nights so I can study.  They have also put up with me consistently falling asleep on their couches constantly, even once through a party.  Yes, I fell asleep on a couch in the middle of a Rock Band party.

Now that the semester is done, I want to spend the next 3 weeks recouping and trying to work out.  God I do miss the feeling of working out, getting sweaty and being able to just let go of the world during a workout.  It is the only thing I have missing from my life, I think that working out again will make me into the super woman I want to be.  I am working on a vision in my head of myself and I am so close to achieving it that I am excited.

One thing that going back to school has taught me is that I deserve to take care of myself and no one will think poorly of me for trying to do it all.  I also realize that my physical self is as important as my mental self and so I think I want to try and make it so.  I want to dance, run, walk, and be strong.  There is a semester under my belt so now I know what to expect I can make time into my schedule to work out, even if it is just 25 sit ups between assignments.  I kind of wish that I had access to a professional time management person who can help me get even closer to what I want to be.  I know that I can have the time to do school, work, game and still have time to sit momentarily and do nothing.  It is not impossible, there are 16 hours a day to work with (I am assuming I will get 8 hours of sleep, seriously stop laughing, it might happen).

Still, the year is almost done and now is the time to enjoy friends and family.  I am looking forward to having doors open for me with my associate’s degree and continuing on to my BS degree.  Be well everyone, and thank you for still checking this blog even if I do not post like I should!

Love You!

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