Thursday, February 28, 2013

So that happened...

Hello everyone, I am sorry that I have been so distant, again.  Here is the whole story, submitted for your judgement, advice and information. 

At the start of this year I lost my job.  I was laid off, it was just something that happened.  It feels odd to go to job interviews and tell them I was laid off from a company that has been in a few publications as a "growing company".  They all kinda look at me as if I am lying or covering up being fired.

Beyond that though something far more critical happened, on Feb. 12 at six am my father passed away.  It is very hard to type, even now.  There will not be a memorial service until Memorial day weekend.  I am devestated and think I am far more down than I thought I would be. 

So now I need a reboot and I am not sure how to find the "start" button to reset.  I need to find a schedule again, I need a pattern behavior.  The biggest problem seems to be consistancy, every time I find it I end up having something throw me off.  In my past I have always been an all or nothing type of gal but that is failing me and I feel stuck.

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