Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello World!

Well the last few months have been full. I have a new job, I landed a sort of dream gig at a non profit and it tends to make me squee. I have finished the spring semester of school, barely. With all this life that has been happening I have forgotten to check in.

With out a lot of banter or excuses I am going to simply share with you what has been making my days lately.

1. Helping plan summer camp

I know it was a lot of work but those kids had so much fun. I am super grateful to my boyfriend who rocked the camp as a counselor.

2. Eurovision 2013

It has passed and I did not share my predictions or faves but I will give you a taste now. Over all it was an amazing Eurovision, I love a lot of the songs.

The Winner!

3. Quitting Smoking

There are about 3 or 4 of us in my circle of friends who are quitting smoking. We are all doing really well at it and I have cut it down to 1-3 a day if I am feeling stressed or pressured. I already feel better.

4. Kickstarter

So I have found some awesome stuff on Kickstarter including the band I am listening to as I write this list, Vinyl Surprise.
Go check them out if you get the chance, they are kind of awesome.
5. Coffee

It’s really nothing new but I don’t think people give coffee the respect it deserves.

6. Mason Jars

From salads to smoothies I have fallen deeply in love with mason jars. They really do keep things fresh longer than anything else, I can make all my lunches at once.

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