Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Skinny Mirror, Lying or Motivating?

The other day this Kickstarter campaign was brought to my attention, The Skinny Mirror, the mirror that compliments you.

Granted it was my boyfriend who wanted to read my thoughts on this but I am feeling inspired this morning so I guess you will take it. Here is the video for your consumption…

My first gut reaction was simply to sigh, it feels on its surface to be just a new way to body shame. I think that if I personally looked in my mirror at home and saw myself thinner, I would never try on clothes again. You would automatically feel bad looking into regular mirrors, or at least I would. 

The more I think about it though, I think there is something to be said for giving yourself a boost. I personally have a few items I keep in my clothes knowing that they are too big so that I always feel like I am swimming in clothes when I put them on. Its motivating to me. I don’t think of it as lying to myself because in my mind I know that the clothes are way too big for me even if I have a bad week. I think method of use could be my issue with the mirror though.

The mirror in any place but your house would feel like deception to me. Imagine trying on clothes at a store and looking in a mirror and seeing a false image. We don’t like seeing photos altered to make a person seem smaller than they are, should we like a mirror that alters our image? There is a time and place for honesty in your life and image.

So is it lying or motivating? I think it is both and the harm or usefulness come in its use. Stores that use these mirrors should be ashamed but for the average person, if you have a real truthful mirror and the Skinny Mirror enjoy. Personally, if I had the money, I might get one because I think this is a safe little lie we can tell ourselves. So much of our day is filled with us hating ourselves in private that a secret mirror might be a the treat we need to keep going.

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  1. Hi there. I'm actually the woman in the video and I appreciate your post as you have an objective viewpoint about The Skinny Mirror. It's actually a very controversial product, and the name in itself "The Skinny Mirror" gets a lot of flack. It was a risk I was willing to take when I started this company, putting my idea and reputation out there. I had to call it The Skinny Mirror because it was really important to me that the people purchasing the product KNOW they are getting a slimming mirror (even though it's quite subtle). As an active person (avid surfer, hiker, biker), I am more fascinated by what our amazing human bodies are capable of rather than the unrealistic physical ideals the media puts in front of us every day. People who know me think it's strange or out of character that I am even making these mirrors. But, I am a believer in this product. I use it every day and it has changed the way I feel about my body (even though I know it's a skinny mirror).

    As far as false images are concerned, we buy clothes that flatter our figures, put on foundation to cover up blemishes, wear bras to enhance bosoms, wear high heels to make our legs look longer, dye our hair to look younger, and the list goes on... all of these things are the acceptable norm (because they are backed by multi-BILLION dollar industries) yet they actually alter our physical appearance. If we all actually felt happy with ourselves, we wouldn't be buying any of that stuff. The Skinny Mirror alters how you feel about you from the inside. If you feel good about you, it will reflect in your outer self. It's subtle enough that when you look in a normal mirror, you're not shocked. And you are totally right about hating ourselves in private, we are our worst critics. I truly feel The Skinny Mirror is a way to help some people (especially women) stop stressing about losing those extra pounds an spend that energy doing something they really love.

    We can't prevent stores from buying our mirrors, but if they do, you can always check the bottom right corner for our logo. That way you will KNOW if you're looking in The Skinny Mirror.

    That's my 5 cents. Thanks for the write up! Your smile is beautiful. And congratulations on your blog and your weight loss. Being healthy and feeling good is awesome, keep up the good work.