Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last Week is DONE!!

Last week I was stuck in the “week before an event” crush and I did not make it to the gym at all.  Since I work out on my lunch break, it is the best time for me to go to the gym, I could not make it once.  I worked one day from 8:30 am until 1:30 am on a single project.  The event was Saturday, so I really have not had much down time.  Today I did not go in because it was so cold but even then I was answering emails and such from my couch.  It was nice to kinda relax a bit and I do have some days off coming up, granted that is not for the best reason in the world but it is still time off.   The event itself was a HUGE success though! Everyone who attended was blown away and we are still reeling from all the excitement.  Working for a non profit is hard work, you never go into that thinking “I am gonna make tons of money” but you do want to help people.  I really do feel like we make an impact on the lives of our clients.

In other more fitting news, I am starting 2 of those 30 day challenges , squats and crunches, to go along with my 35-45 minutes of cardio most week days and the longer workouts on the weekends.  I still have every intention of running in the half marathon but I know I have let my fitness drop to sad levels.  I know that I have to work on my own level and in my own time.  One of my co-workers in efforts to revel in her own successes has said a few things that feel jabby to me.  Last week she kept talking about how much she worked out knowing that I gave up my workouts to work on her event.  She also said “Well fitbits are nice for beginners but really the Garmin is what people who are really training need” which I don’t think is valid in more than one way.  Sure the gadgets are nice but you don’t need them to be successful, I am just a data nut.  I really need to let the comparisions to my friends and coworkers when it does not help me.

Speaking of my friends, we will shortly be starting a blog.  I will still blog and tweet as the Shrinking Geek, I know there are 3 of you that might get very sad if I ever just stopped.  What it really means it that you will find 4, maybe 5, very different but very geeky women all working for the same goal.  I will of course have a new moniker on that blog and once it is live and moving I will tell all 3 of you all about it.  With many bloggers on one site there will be a consistency of posts and a variety of points of view that a single personal blog can never offer.

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