Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Truckin’ Right Along

It would seem that I am trucking right along here; I am being mostly consistent and working harder every day.  I feel that clarity and calmness I get from consistently working out.  It makes me feel like I can take on the world, and maybe I can.  Today is Tuesday and I am at our clinic today, think of me as a living Google, with far few resources or processing power.  I worked out 4 times last week, and did the crunch and squat challenge on the appropriate days.

I am currently logging all my food on my fitness pal and wearing my Fitbit everywhere.  I am also using a binder to log all my measurements, weight and calories but more importantly it allows me to write how I am feeling.  Yesterday was a bad day, sort of, because I journaled 2 cookies and then forgot to eat them but because I had already logged them I ate them anyway.  I also lowered the amount of calories I can eat because my lifestyle has changed a little bit.  This is my first week with the binder; my week starts on Thursdays so I am midway through.  I like the idea of having to hand write all the food I log so thoughtlessly on my fitness pal.  Logging it there is easy and mindless but having t write it makes me look closely at everything I write.

I suppose I could talk about work now but there is not too much to report.  We are working hard at finding summer camp volunteers and we are still raising money and planning our big walk in April.  My Nerd Herd are hopefully raising offline money because we are stagnant at $139, $100 from my mom and $39 from a team member who donated to her own team.  Come on people, donate.  Other than that there is only the usual growing pains that come when you merge one office with another.  We are at each other’s throats a bit, and there seem to be a weird dichotomy where they get to have special privileges due to how far they drive bit some of us have the same drive and do it without complaints.  I suspect though that has stopped due to the extremely cold day last week and half of us not going in to the office.  Rumor was that our boss got a talking to from her boss about the closing of the office.

Before I sign off on this little blog topic I did want to point out that my feet have stopped hurting most of the time.  I really believe that this is because I stopped wearing flats at all, and instead have been wearing my slightly supportive boots and my insanely amazing sketchers I bought.  It also completely coincides with my regular work outs but I still think it is the shoes not the fitness because I tried to work out before my change in foot wardrobe and I was miserable.  I still have to rub them often but I am not sure if it is need or habit. Either way it makes me happy that I can move again.

Well hasn’t this been a long post!  You know how to find me if you need me!

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